Day 5 Fasting & Abstinence: Blessed Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of Lent. After my Sunday Mass service with the choir, we had some break time and meeting and a little breakfast. The temptation to eat a sponsored suman and puto was there but I didn’t crave for them (Thank God!). Even if it looks delicious, I was more focused on my commitment to abstain myself from sweets, meat, worldly pleasure and bad temper on Fridays and Sundays. The only thing I intake that time is a coffee. The next thing I ate after that is when I had to have my lunch.

The food for lunch was tempting too. Mom cooked one of my favorite dish – pork steak. In spite of it, I manage to stay disciplined with my intake. I ate its sauce and some onions but no pork. And I felt satisfied with a few rice. I’m glad I made it. At night, I didn’t take any food anymore after that corn (half size) I took for afternoon snack.

Despite being real hungry with delicious food in front of me, it should be hard for me. But I’m amazed because I’m ok. I never felt any cravings at all. I just knew, it’s part of my journey and what I am focus more is how I’m gonna make this work for my spiritual needs. I really want to experience the benefit of Fasting & Abstinence for my spiritual needs and my relationship to God and that’s all what I think, I pray and hope.

Here’s the links I’ve read today aside from my Bible reading. It’s worth reading and very helpful!

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