Day 4 Fasting: Day of Temptations

It’s Saturday. And it’s also a day with my parents and old friends. And I say that it’s a day of temptations. My first temptation was when Mom and Papa and Dther (my nephew) and I had to eat at a fast food chain at late lunch. We was very hungry after buying the sala set. They chose to eat at Mang Inasal, a fast food chain where there is unlimited rice. Mom ordered unli-set for us and desserts too. Guess what… I failed. I ate a lot (2 rice with chicken Pecho part) and was tempted to eat Sago’t gulaman juice plus that Iced Tea.

And then, at night, after I had my practice with JNC Kids choir, I went straight to a reunion with my college classmates. I really had fun spending time with them. It’s been a long time since the last time we had our reunion – about 7 years ago? But well, the sad part is, I ate a lot again – rice, snacks, pasta, chicken, and the worse is, I had a drink – cocktail drinks…

So that’s how my day went through. A day of temptations on eating. I failed this time. I know there will be more challenges ahead and I got to stay strong. Please help me God.

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